Monday, November 30, 2009

Gracie the dog is going to be fine!

Well, the surgery for Grace is over and she's on the mend! Actually, she has had her surgery, we've gone through the 2 weeks of her staying inside, getting the drain tube out and then the week after her stitches out. As you can see, she never hesitated to show her scar when anyone walked by! Silly dog!

What an experience with her wearing that Collar thing! She was like a bull in a china closet! Bangin into everything but I have to say, she wants to be a house dog so bad, that she was just the perfect patient! She did everything she was told , and went out to pee when she needed to ,and came back in and got right on her designated spot! Yes, the pain meds helped some but she was great!

Can't say as much for the poor cat, who owns this house! It was rough on him, but he's glad to have his kitchen and den back!
Thanks to all of you who supported my sale to get her surgery! I think I made all the money for it with your help!! I really appreciate the nice emails and your love you showed for animals!

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