Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi everyone! it's about time I updated my blog, I know! Happy 2015 too!  So, I'm just going to jump in and start a new!

Everyone normally tells what all has been going on with them, but with me, not much really! I haven't made a LOT of things, but I've done some special orders and things like that. I just haven't been very creative until recently! 

We have 2 new kittens who are quite a trip and plenty of entertainment. 

I'm still selling my stained muslin, my white fabric glue sticks, and my patterns on Ebay and on, as well as my own website, Mulberrymemories, which is going through a renewal of its own!  I also am redoing my Facebook page and soon will have a special drawing there. 

I want to share some exciting news with you! I'm going to be making a lot of new things this year, and using patterns from talented artists here on the web! I am in the process of purchasing patterns I'd like to make.  I've been searching and purchasing from interesting artists so, I'll share that adventure with you soon! 

So, please check back for plenty of drawings, free things and new offers!  Have a great week!