Thursday, January 22, 2009

Email Patterns!

Since Ebay quit letting us sell our epatterns, I find people will still buy a paper pattern, delivered through regular mail, or 2, but you can still get email patterns through my website, or even better, you can go to my page at Patternmart and purchase them, and download them INSTANTLY!
So go to and click on the patterns button where you can buy them in paper or email format.
Or go to

All about Dieting!

Well, I put on some weight over the holidays, as usual, but I need to take it off for sure! My blood pressure goes up, the more weight I gain!
Last year, I was on Southbeach Diet, and it worked great but I'm finding when trying to get back on the program, I cannot eat the food! EGGS in the morning simply turn my stomach! Salads, come on! I wore them out! They're great for a bit or 2!
So, help me find a way! What diet, or eating habits work for you? Please let me know! I can use all the help I can get! Any words of encouragement are welcome!!

Happy 2009 for us all!

I've been gone a while but the new year came and is in full swing!

I'm finding it hard to get back to work and have not gotten all my sorting and cleaning done. I really need to clean my craft room to get back to work!

So, for this year, I'm going to write some new patterns, try to have lots of new items, and keep this blog updated better than I did last year!

Christmas was wonderful here this year. Not a lot of money to spend and I think that's why it was so much better!

My apologies to all who have come here to find nothing new! That's really bad, right? So sorry for that!

Drop me a line and inspire me to get going!!! Have a great day!!! It's suppose to be 80 here in Oklahoma today! Then, as they say, the bottom falls out!