Friday, May 8, 2009

After the rain! The garden's growing!

The garden's coming along! Strawberries on the plants, but couldn't find anymore plants to plant, and blooms on the tomatoes!
There's nothing better than a home grown tomato! I can't wait!


The Brickhouse said...

Looks nice! Is that basil I see? I just did a stroll through my yard and YES the rain has everything SPROUTING UP! INCLUDING THE WEEDS! Please share more pictures of your garden...!

MulberryMemories said...

Thanks Patti! Nothing like a good rain for weeds to flourish! lol

No basil, but I have tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers and cucumbers. Just enough for us. I planted okra last year but I still have a couple of years worth in the freezer!

Thanks for your comment and I'll post the progress all summer! Have a great day! Becky