Saturday, June 6, 2009

Set of 3 Watermelon

Set of 3 Gingerbread ornies

Set of 3 Candy Corn
Set of 3 Beehives with rusty Bees!

Would you like a set of 3 of these Ornaments/Bowl Fillers for FREE?!!!

YOU CAN HAVE ONE SET OF 3 PLUS an advertisement of your online store, (, USA only please, in our 2009 Lawton High School Football program for the entire football season! That's 12 or more weeks, depending on how our football team does!

If you don't have a business and would like to support LHS cheer with your name, or even you and your husband's name, etc., this offer is for you too!
For $10, you get your ad printed in the program PLUS to show our appreciation for your support of Lawton High School Cheer, I will send you a set of your choice of ornaments/bowl fillers, FREE of charge, FREE shipping!
All you have to do is send your payment via Paypal to me, Becky Putney, at the completed information below, then click on the Paypal link to make your $10 payment!

I will then send you an email confirming your payment and when football season starts, (late August), I will email you a copy of the program so you can see your business name printed!
If you would like an actual program, the cost is only $2.00 plus the $10 for the advertisement.
Email the following information, and click on the appropriate button for your paypal payment to me or go to and send a payment for goods to me at Paypal ID:
Name:(as you would like it to appear in the ad)
Address where receipt and ornaments should be sent(Regular Mail)______________
Date of purchase:_______________
Amount:$10.00 (for email program picture) $12.00 (with actual program)
Email address:_______________________________
Your choice of Free ornaments/Bowl Fillers:_______________

Hurry!!! Deadline is June 20th!!!


Thank you for your support!!!!


Sunshines*Creations said...

Becky this is such a great idea you get 2 for 1. I hope you get lots of people to sign up. :)

MulberryMemories said...

Kaela! Thanks hun! I really appreciate your comment! Hugs, Becky