Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daylight Savings Time?! EEK!

Are you kidding me?! We move our clocks UP this weekend? Well, I'm not ready for this! I like REAL time but ok......

Saturday is cheer tryouts and the stress is on. It's such a scary time for the girls. There's 45 trying out for 32 spots, 20 being varsity, 12 for JV. My daughter is going to be a senior so this is her last tryout. She has mixed emotions about it.

I'm still trying to get back to normal here but I have another trip to the store this morning. I forgot to get bleach! I like to start my sewing in the morning, but when I have something I have to do away from the house, I like to get that all done guess I'll go jump in the shower! Have a nice day everyone!


Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

Becky good luck with tryouts! I saw a school that posted on their outdoor board time change march 8. seems early to me but then again my mind is not all here lately.
How are you doing???Thinking about ya!

MulberryMemories said...

Thanks Sandi! I guess they moved it up! I'm doing just ok. It's real strange what I'm going through. But I'm not the first to go through and certainly not the last. You have experience all this I know and I wonder how long it takes to settle down from a loss like this.