Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is the beginning of the end for me! haha

Today is the first day of lasts for me and I will be entering a new way of life soon! Yes, my last child will be a senior in high school next year and today she is trying out for cheer for the last time. Everything from today on, will be her last time for everything! Well, that's not that big of deal some might say, but I'm thinking about this concept of not having any kids in school type of life.
This is always such a stressful time for the girls and moms too! All the girls do the same cheer, city wide for the 3 schools we have, all at the same place. For our school, there are 45 girls trying out for 30 positions.
Wish us luck and hope I make it through this LAST tryout! Maybe I'll be saying WHEW, when it's over! hehe


Stop by and visit! said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I wish her lots of luck for her try~outs!

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

Hey Becky she has sure grown up and is as beautiful as always. Good luck on the cheer! I know what you mean about the end this is Kassy's senior year and we are doing the college apps and visits. Sure wish she would head north of the Red River to OU but Denton is not to far from me.

MulberryMemories said...

Thank you! Well, she made it! She didn't feel real good about her tryout, but she did it! Thanks for the well wishes!